Defend Aunti Frances


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(1) Important Links

Black Homes Matter! Keep community leader and daughter of the Black Panther Party in her home! SIGN THE PETITION today: DONATE NOW #DEFENDAUNTIFRANCES

(2) More Detail

Aunti Frances is a beloved Black disabled activist, elder, Black Panther and community leader who has lived in North Oakland/South Berkeley her entire life. She now faces eviction at the hands of Natalia Morphy and Morphy’s parents, who are exploiting a notorious loophole in Oakland renter protections for their own personal gain. Stop Aunti’s eviction! #DefendAuntiFrances

(3) Small soundbite

You can't evict community power! Stop Aunti Frances' eviction, close the loopholes! #DefendAuntiFrances #BlackHomesMatter

(4) Long-form info

Aunti Frances has lived in North Oakland/South Berkeley her entire life. As an activist, Black Panther, and long-time Aunti to the community, she is vital to the life of her neighborhood. She has touched the lives of many community members, housed and houseless, through her Self-Help Hunger Program. Aunti Frances now faces an insidious eviction that will be a devastating loss not only for her own well-being but for all of North Oakland. We as Aunti Frances’ community and allies see this eviction as part of a devastating trend in which residents lose their housing because of loopholes in the law. Oakland law protects most tenants by requiring that landlords have a specific legal reason to evict them— a “just cause.” There is no such just reason to evict Aunti Frances.  We believe that Aunti Frances, and all tenants, should be protected from no-fault evictions like this one. We will not allow the Morphy’s to profit off of displacement. Join us in demanding that Natalia Morphy and her parents cease this unethical eviction proceeding and let Aunti Frances stay in her home. Instead, we implore the Morphy’s to answer Aunti Frances’ invitation to support and join the North Oakland community by dropping these eviction proceedings. YOU CAN’T EVICT COMMUNITY POWER. #DefendAuntiFrances #BlackHomesMatter